Panoramica di Pievebovigliana
Panoramica di Pievebovigliana
Panoramica di Pievebovigliana
Panoramica con cime innevate
Castello Beldiletto
Castello Beldiletto - Affresco interno
Castello Beldiletto - Cortile interno
Castello Beldiletto - Scuderie
Villa Filippo Marchetti Gallazzano
Chiesa di San Giusto in San Maroto
Chiesa di San Giovanni - Isola
Chiesa di San Giovanni - Isola
Cripta romanica di Santa Maria Assunta
Museo Storico del Territorio
Lago di Boccafornace
Lago di Polverina o Beldiletto
Palazzo Marchetti Campi
Ponte romanico di Pontelatrave
Chiesa e Convento di San Francesco - Pontelatrave
San Francesco interno

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for those interested in industrial archaeology

tessitriceThe hand weaving workshop
This new workshop, where traditional weaving is still carried out, is a development of the one founded by Maria Ciccotti in Campi.

The remains of the fulling and dyeworks
This is the workshop that Stefano Cianni founded in the first half of the 19th century for the final processing of hand woven cloth; here the cloth was washed, stiffened and dyed. The foundations and some walls are still visible as are some traces of the canal that brought the water supply from the nearby Capodacqua stream.

Ricostruzione grafica di una antica fornace per lateriziThe remains of the old brickworks
Most of these brick works were to be found around the lower slopes of Monte San Savino; in the areas now known as Isola, Fiano and Valdelati.

Resti del catino absidale di una fornaceThese all had particularly good clay deposits in conjunction with a plentiful supply of the wood that was essential for the furnaces. The ruins show the structure of the basin and the enormous chamber surrounded by thick walls which was used to fire the bricks.

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