Panoramica di Pievebovigliana
Panoramica di Pievebovigliana
Panoramica di Pievebovigliana
Panoramica con cime innevate
Castello Beldiletto
Castello Beldiletto - Affresco interno
Castello Beldiletto - Cortile interno
Castello Beldiletto - Scuderie
Villa Filippo Marchetti Gallazzano
Chiesa di San Giusto in San Maroto
Chiesa di San Giovanni - Isola
Chiesa di San Giovanni - Isola
Cripta romanica di Santa Maria Assunta
Museo Storico del Territorio
Lago di Boccafornace
Lago di Polverina o Beldiletto
Palazzo Marchetti Campi
Ponte romanico di Pontelatrave
Chiesa e Convento di San Francesco - Pontelatrave
San Francesco interno

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The whole of Italy in one village: its art, history and countryside

Pievebovigliana is typical of the little communities to found everywhere in the Italian peninsula. Although every historical period has left its mark, we still have a countryside that is gloriously untouched . Life here carries on at an unhurried pace that is in perfect harmony with its surroundings. The charm of Pievebovigliana lies in the fact that it has always been a cultural crossroads. With its streams, lakes and spacious valleys set between rolling hills and tall mountains, it typifies the landscape of the foothills on the Adriatic side of the Appenine chain. In one direction the valleys open out towards the fertile plains of Le Marche whereas in the opposite direction the same valleys lead first, to the high pasture lands and then, upwards to the magical world of the Sibillini mountains. Part of our commune is in the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains.


Xilografia di Maria Ciccotti – Collezione Ciccotti, Palazzo Comunale

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